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Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning Regulations

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that in most states all that a Trauma/Crime Scene business needs to complete a biohazard cleaning is a business license and general liability insurance? 

In 2020 Georgia became the first state to require the company to be registered with the Secretary of State and the employees to be background checked and fingerprinted before the company can perform Trauma Scene Cleaning Services. Georgia expected more states to follow their lead in adopting this bill however with Covid and other changes in the past 2 years this hasn’t been followed up by any other states. 

These Trauma Cleaning Businesses are required to follow government regulations regarding Trainings including OSHA, Respiratory Equipment and PPE Training, Universal Precaution Procedures and more. However, the company only needs to be aware of and follow the practices in these trainings. They do not need their employees to be certified in any of them. This lack of regulation is noted throughout the US. However, Georgia chose to create this law after so many complaints bringing attention to businesses that were “revictimizing families.” There were so many instances occurring that included stealing, being disrespectful, overcharging and not fully cleaning and sanitizing the scene. 

These families are already going through something that requires the utmost sensitivity and companies are able to come in and deceive them about the services being performed. This information is pretty overwhelming to learn when you are going through an unimaginable situation and not wanting to even think about the cleaning and sanitation of the area when there are so many other arrangements to be made. 

SERVPRO Team McCabe prides itself as an industry leader in Crime Scene Cleaning, requiring documented training for our Crew Chiefs as well as the opportunity for training for each Production Tech. At SERVPRO Team McCabe we took the opportunity to push IICRC Training while business slowed due to Covid19 Shutdowns. We have multiple Crew Chiefs and Production Techs IICRC Certified in Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning along with the many other certifications offered by the IICRC. This allows us the knowledge and experience to perform Crime Scene Cleaning to industry standards while conducting business in a respectful manner.

We at SERVPRO Team McCabe understand the weight of the situation associated with the Trauma Scene. We understand the stress of finding a trusted professional to restore your home. We are here to help in any situation. 

To find out more information on the Georgia Law Click Here

You Clean What? Biohazard & Crime Scene Clean Up

11/21/2021 (Permalink)

Simple sketch of germ with words specialty cleaning below SERVPRO offers specialty cleaning such as Biohazard and Crime Scene Clean Up.

You Clean What? Biohazard & Crime Scene Clean Up

Do you ever stop to wonder who has to clean up the scene after a chemical spill or a death/suicide accident?

If not, you are probably like most and lucky enough to not have needed to consider this type of work. However, if you fall into the other category, you know very well that a hazardous scene must be left to the professionals to clean.

Blood borne pathogens, disease, risk of infection and chemical burns are a just a few items to consider when dealing with a biohazard clean-up. Luckily, our team is highly trained and well prepared to protect both themselves and you from any potential harm.

Our team also fully understands that these situations are often extremely difficult and sensitive times in a person's life and therefore demonstrate compassion and empathy while completing the work in a timely fashion.

For more information on biohazard clean-up's, please check out the BIO/Hazmat section of our website.